About Me | 关于我

Welcome to my homepage. My name is Tianlun-Song. I am from Shihezi City, Xinjiang, China.

Now stydying at Henan University of Technology, major in space information and digital technology.Majors incloud computers, maps and related disciplines.

I like photography, reading books, writing articles, giving lectures, doing things quietly.

Summarize me in one sentence: love freedom, like to do things quietly, be strong, and love dedication.

My principle is to do things well and brag to others.




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My creations | 开源项目

Avarot Name Introduction Link
Small-Supermarket-manager-system This is a C program running in a block box. GitHub
Education manage system This is a program written in C with a window. GitHub
PathManager Project profile website:https://songtianlun.github.io/PathManager-Site/ GitHub
Geo-Indo-Server A geographic information service platform. GitHub / Docs

My friends | 友情站点

Avarot Name Introduction Link
Noisky 一名来自 2.5 次元的魔法师,目前就读于河南工业大学,魔法学院,土木工程专业。 noisky.cn
日出一点一 在探索的路上永不止步。 sunriseydy.top
康雨豪 给了我很大力量的一个博客,博主是武大giser,很上进。 kkyyhh96.site
贾鹏辉 贾鹏辉的技术博客官网,专注于移动开发,Android&iOS架构师 & 技术经理 & 移动端负责人 ,CSDN 博客专家。 devio.org
梦幻辰风 新疆人,教师,诗情画意,强烈推荐。 mhcf.net

Some Accumulaction

Open source statement | 开源声明

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